The Complete Apple Watch Developer Course

Build real apps for the new Apple Watch

Become an app developer

Learn to build apps for the new Apple Watch

Learn to build fully functional apps for the Apple Watch. The Apple Watch is projected to sell over 25 million units and tipped to be the hottest gadget of 2015!

This online course will take you through the process of teaching you to build 14 apps for the new Apple Watch including a Snapchat clone and submitting apps to the Apple store. No programming experience required! 

Learn in your own time from fantastic video tutorials which you can pause, rewind and revisit.

Following on from the huge success of The Complete Web Developer Course and The Complete iOS and Swift Course. Having taught thousands of students successfully Rob Percival brings you The Complete Apple Watch Developer Course for the potentially lucrative Apple Watch. Find out for about the instructor Rob Percival here.

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Hidden potential

Uncover your hidden potential to develop apps for the lucrative Apple Watch. I will not only show you how to create apps but I will explain how to market your app and submit it to the Apple App Store place as well. So you can start making money once you have confidently gained the skills required to cash in on the 2015 hot seller!

Study at your pace

There's no pressure to finish the course by a certain time scale and I will instruct you on what type of tools you will need for the course. Everything you need to take this course is included. You don't even need a Mac! You can pause videos anytime and can go back to review completed lectures again if required. So if you have a busy schedule, you can simply stop at points in video lectures and pick up again at anytime!

Learn by doing

You won't be just watching video lectures on how to build apps. You will be actually building real life apps like WhatsApp and Snapchat. There's a hands on approach to your learning experience and you will be encouraged to use your own initiative and creativity and not just follow a set of instructions.

Lifetime access to the course

You will get access to revisit the video learning material for the Apple Watch any time you need to. So in case you need to refresh your memory about aspects of the course you can go back to review the material at anytime.

Friendly support and tuition

When you susbscribe to my Apple Watch course you will become part of a community. I will be helping to support you and your fellow students on the Apple Watch for the duration of your online training. All students will have access to the Complete Apple Watch Developer Course forum where you will receive support from other students and myself.

Your Tutor

Hi, I'm Rob and I would like to teach you how to create apps for the Apple Watch. I have a degree in Mathematics from Cambridge University. I used to be a teacher but found being a developer gives me the freedom I enjoy today as well as bring in a good income.

Along with running my web hosting company Eco Web Hosting I have created a number of popular video courses in Web Development, Object Oriented Programming in PHP, iOS and Swift and this Apple Watch Development course. I have taught over 200,000 students and my courses are the most highly rated courses on Udemy.

As well as creating these courses and supporting students how to code, I run the very successful hosting company Eco Web Hosting. I'm passionate about teaching and if you are passionate about learning then I believe this potentially lucrative course for the Apple Watch is the right course for you!

Student Testimonials

Here is what some of my existing students have to say about the Complete Apple Watch Developer Course

"Well presented course! Rob is an excellent teacher! Rob has presented the course topics very well! He goes in-depth and takes the time to teach every topic in detail and with examples!"
- Ishmael Khalidi June 2015

"The long and short of it is that it's well laid out, it's lots of fun, the lecturer is very easy to understand and has a great way of explaining things. Learnt so much and couldn't recommend enough."
- Vincent De Almeida June 2015

"Simple and easy to follow instructions giving you the basis to start making your own apps for Apple Watch."
- Tony McKeown May 2015

Course breakdown

Course breakdown
  1. Introduction.
  2. Introducing Xcode and running your first app.
  3. Introducing Swift.
  4. Tables, images and creating a rock paper and scissors app.
  5. Sound and live content.
  6. iPhone integration and maps.
  7. Glances and Notification.
  8. Creating a Snapchat and WhatsApp clone.
  9. Creating a website to market your app.
  10. How to submit your app to the Apple market place.

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